3 Tactics To Prepare Sentimental Baby Clothes For The Self-Storage Facility

Posted on: 30 March 2016

Your children may have outgrown their clothes, but it's unlikely that you've outgrown your sentiments for these items—especially if they are associated with your child's first movement, christening or return from the hospital. Parents love the idea of storing baby clothes in the hopes that they can pass it on to future other kids or even grandkids. But baby clothes stored improperly over the years can cause baby clothes to rot and get damaged. This guide is designed to help you prepare sentimental baby clothes for the self-storage facility.

Wash Every Clothing Item Before Storage

Wash and thoroughly clean each piece of clothing before putting them in the storage facility because unseen stains can cause mould to form over time, which may cause the clothes to rot. To prevent mildew or mould from forming, avoid placing the clothes in plastic bags because they trap moisture. Instead, place them in acid-free tissue paper to prevent moisture from forming. You can also choose a climate-controlled secure self-storage facility to ensure minimal damage occurs from excess humidity and hot temperatures.

Keep Each Size And Gender-Related Items In Separate Boxes With Labels

If you plan to store clothing to pass down to a future child or to your grand children in the storage unit, make sure you sort out the clothes by size and gender for easiest future access. Bunching multiple genders and sizes together will cause confusion as you try to sort through them in a self-storage unit several years later. It's ideal to buy smaller boxes, so that you load just a few specific items inside. For instance, your baby's clothes before a certain age should be placed in a single box, while any age group later can be placed in multiple other boxes. Labelling them clearly will ensure that you know exactly what to pick up when you need them in the future for your other kids or even grand kids.

Add Mothballs To The Cardboard Boxes

Mothballs are small chemical pesticide balls used for storing clothes safely by protecting them from moths and mould over the years. They are usually placed in closed boxes in the self-storage unit and act as effective repellants against larvae, moths and other insects. Place these mothballs inside the cardboard boxes to keep the pests at bay. Seal the box thoroughly to ensure that no insects are allowed to enter the box through small holes and openings. You should also avoid coloured boxes because these could end up staining your baby's clothes over time.

Follow these simple tactics in your quest to prepare sentimental baby clothes for the self-storage facility.