Factors To Consider When Choosing A Pet Door Add-On For Your Door

Posted on: 16 June 2016

It can be quite cumbersome to open the door for your pet every time the pet wants to walk out. Also, leaving the door always open, so that your pet can move in and out whenever necessary, may not be the best option. Instead invest in an appropriate pet door for your door or doors. Below are essential tips to help you buy an appropriate pet door add-on that's ideal for your house door.

Type of Pet

It's important that you get the right pet door, so that your pet doesn't struggle to use it. Also, you don't want your pet to damage the door as it struggles to fit through a pet door that is not the right size.

The size of your pet will help you get the right dimensions for your pet door. You can use a tape measure to get the height and width of your pet. Use the measurements of your pet to get the right pet door from a professional provider.

Type of Pet Door

The type of pet door you choose should be ideal for your house door. There are different types of pet doors available including a sliding, electronic or flap pet door. Remember to inquire about additional accessories needed to operate some pet doors, such as in the case of an electronic pet door. For electronic pet doors, you will require a pet collar with a transmitter used to signal the pet door to open when your pet wants to pass through.

Make sure you consult a door specialist and know whether the type of pet door you want can be fitted on your type of house door. Also, a professional contractor will help you choose the right design for your pet door, so that it doesn't interfere with the main door's systems, such as in the case of a hydraulic press system of a GRIDLOC door.

Pet Door Installation Process

The process of installing a pet door will help you determine whether to do it yourself or hire a professional. For example, if you have some experience on how to handle wooden doors, and that's the kind you have, then you can go ahead and install the pet door. You may want to use a handyman as well to help you install the pet door.

Otherwise, for complex doors, such as the heavy duty security doors, it's best you hire professionals to install the pet door for you. Also, in some cases, the pet door installation process can be expensive and cumbersome. Therefore, you can install a security screen with a pet door, instead of drilling a pet door through the main house door.

It's critical to get it right when choosing an add-on pet door for your house door so as to avoid unnecessary damages to your main door and also allow your pet to use the pet door with ease.