What Business Owners Need to Know About an Asbestos Management Plan

Posted on: 31 August 2016

An asbestos management plan is typically legally required for any commercial building that is found to contain asbestos. This substance doesn't always need to be removed; in many cases, leaving it alone and containing it is actually safer, as there may be less risk of it becoming airborne when it's simply contained and not removed. However, if this is the choice of the business or building owner, he or she is required to have an asbestos management plan in place. Note a few factors to consider about this plan and what it means if you own a facility in which there is asbestos.

Informed about asbestos

Having a management plan in place doesn't mean that you don't need to tell anyone that there is asbestos on the property; the management plan itself needs to include the steps taken to inform staff and visitors of the asbestos and how it's managed overall. This notification may include proper signage to alert visitors to the site, as well as training for staff who may work in the area where there is asbestos. 

Note, too, that the management plan needs to stay accessible to workers. It is not considered confidential but should be made available to anyone on staff or any visitors who ask to review it.

For all asbestos

Asbestos is actually a naturally occurring substance and can be found in the ground on your property. However, even in this case, you need an asbestos management plan if you don't have it removed and the soil replaced with clean fill dirt. This will ensure no landscapers or anyone who works in that area is at risk because they didn't know about the asbestos. The management plan also needs to be in place for small amounts of asbestos; never assume that minor amounts mean that an employer can overlook the need for such a plan. It's drawn up for any and all asbestos on your property.


The asbestos management plan needs to be reviewed regularly, but may also need to be reviewed before its set schedule if the material is disturbed in any way. If the current plan of containing the asbestos is no longer adequate, the plan itself may also need to be gone over so that an asbestos containment contractor can note what changes need to be made. A health and safety representative from the government can also request a review for any reason, so be sure you're prepared for these reviews by always keeping the plan updated and accessible.