Four Key Services to Look For When Choosing an Industrial Cleaning Company

Posted on: 14 September 2016

The industrial environment is different from that of offices, residential buildings, and other commercial properties, and so are its cleaning requirements. Many industrial plants and factories consist of machinery, equipment, and floors and surfaces that see heavy human and machinery traffic every day. Cleaning such a facility may not involve mopping and rag vacuuming as does the cleaning of commercial buildings and homes. Sophisticated equipment and cleaning techniques should be employed to clean such a facility. For this reason, you should be careful when choosing a cleaning company for your industry.

Here are some of the top essential services that you should be looking for when hiring a cleaning company for your factory or plant.

High pressure washing

Industrial equipment and machinery may accumulate dirt, grease, and various types of chemicals depending on the environment in which they work. A standard pressure washer may not be able to clean this equipment and machinery efficiently. In fact, it may take a lot of time and manpower. An industrial cleaning company should be equipped with high-pressure washers for cleaning equipment, floors, and other surfaces. High-pressure washers have the ability to clean efficiently without causing any ill effects to the environment.

Robotic cleaning

Factories and plants comprise of wide floor surfaces and high walls, which can make the process of cleaning time-consuming and exhausting for labour. A company that offers robotic cleaning services can provide a time-saving and cost-efficient solution to cleaning hard-to-reach areas and surfaces. Robotic cleaners can also be used in areas where labor cleaning would be risky due to exposure to certain chemicals, electrical shocks, or other factors that could risk the life or health of the cleaning personnel. It can also reduce downtime in case you have to shut down certain operations during the cleaning process.

Chemical cleaning

Chemical spills on industrial equipment can reduce their lifespan, increase chances of corrosion for equipment with metal parts, or minimize the efficiency of some equipment. Ensure that the cleaning company has the equipment and products for chemical cleaning services. If some components have signs of corrosion, you can benefit from a company with the capability to clean and remove rust so as to prolong the life of your equipment.

Sludge management

The management of sludge that's produced from industrial operations can be challenging and costly for most plants. Choosing a cleaning company that can harvest and process the sludge from your facility in an environmentally friendly manner can get the burden off your back. Not only will this keep the industrial environment clean, but it will also save you from hiring a sludge management company and ensure that you conserve the environment.

In addition to the routine cleaning services, you should ensure that the industrial cleaning company offers these services based on the cleaning needs of your plant. For more information, contact SKG Pty Ltd or a similar company.